The Pleeblands is the area that is outside of the compounds. This area is a decaying and rotten wasteland where the most common architecture is mainly a place of burnt out tenements, vacant warehouses, empty parking lots, seedy strip clubs and vast swathes of sheds put together with scavenged materials inhabited by squatters. As well as the buildings used for housing, there is also industrial buildings that bellow out dirty smoke from their chimneys. Other business in the Pleeblands is mostly criminal such as the inordinate number of forgers in the Pleeblands. The expanse of this area is described in the novel as 'boundless.'

Inhabitants of the Pleeblands are just as undesirable as the architecture and the kinds of people that live in this area include, forgers, addicts, muggers, paupers, the crazies, prostitutes, and criminals. Wild rumours also circulate in the walled and secure compounds created for the workers of companies such as HelthWyzer. One of the wild rumours from the HelthWyzer compound that a young Jimmy hears of is that the children in the Pleeblands run around in hordes and they spend there time wasting themselves 'with loud music and toking and boozing, fuck everything including the family cat, trash the furniture, shoot up, overdose.' Other than these wayward children, there are also descriptions of sleazy strip clubs. Jimmy sees it as mysterious and exciting, despite the inherent dangers of the place. People from the Pleeblands are not allowed to enter into the compounds.