'Jimmy hadn't spotted Oryx straight away,[...]. Like the Crakers she had no clothes on, and like the Crakers she was beautiful, so from a distance she didn't stand out. [...]; just part of the scene.'
The character of Oryx is that of an enigma, throughout her adult life, the reader like Jimmy is constantly trying to understand her past. A large part of the relationship between the two consists of Jimmy asking Oryx of what happened in her past and who she was back then, but Oryx is constantly evading these questions ' "You didn't answer my question." "Yes, I did, Jimmy.Now leave it alone." '.

In her adult life Oryx acts as the teacher to the Crakers, we are told that she is used as a go between for the Crakers and Crake himself as she is able to communicate with them on a much simpler level compared to some of the other characters within in the novel. We have been told that Oryx teaches the Crakers lessons about Botany and Zoology 'In other words, what not to eat and what could bite. And what not to hurt,' (Crake).
Although teacher to the Crakers, Oryx also acts as the marketer for the BlyssPuss pill.

On a more personal level Oryx is the lover of both Jimmy and Crake, she describes her relationships with them as: 'Crake is my boss. You are for fun.' Int he novel it is clear that Crake loves Oryx but it is a different love from the one that Jimmy has for her as the love that Crake has for Oryx appears to be possessive: 'he liked to have a hand on Oryx: on her shoulder, her arm, her small waist, her perfect butt. Mine, mine, that hand was saying.' Whereas the relationship that Jimmy has with Oryx is one where is he possessed by her 'How entranced. How possessed. Not was, am.'

'Crake let Oryx fall backwards, [...]. Then he slit her throat.'