A biotech company dedicated to the DNA manipulation and gene splicing of animals to create human tissue organs. Responsible for the creation of the pigoon.
Jimmy's father worked at OrganInc Farms as a geneographer and 'one of the foremost architects of the pigoon project' (25) and his mother a microbiologist. Jimmy grew up in the OrganInc Compound, protected by the CorpSeCorps. Sharon (Jimmy's mother) disliked the Compound stating it was 'artificial, it was just a theme park' (31), however his father saw it as a privilege:
'Long ago, in the days of knights and dragons, the kings and dukes had lived in castles, with high walls and drawbridges and slots on the ramparts so you could pour hot pitch on your enemies […] and the Compounds were the same idea. Castles were for keeping you and your buddies nice and safe inside, and for keeping everybody else outside' (32).