Mordis is the owner of the strip club and brothel named 'Scales and Tails'. It is a comparatively high class club in the Pleeblands, and the workplace of one of the main characters, Ren.

Mordis is presented as treating his employees well, and even saves Ren from being killed by Painballers when they attack the club. They kill him because he refuses to reveal the password to the 'sticky zone' in which Ren is sealed.

In the Year of the Flood he is described as 'a wiry guy with a shaved head and black, shiny, alert eyes like the heads of ants, and he was easy as long as everything was cool.'

Although not a saint, he is ethical compared to the usual pimp. Ren comments that 'he would grin and pat you on the bum - just a friendly pat though, he never took freebies from us. He had ethics.'

Ren likes him, and identifies him as one of the few people she can trust. She says 'Mordis made me feel so secure. I knew if I was in big trouble I could always go to him.'

Reading from Chapter 49 - The death of Mordis.