Jimmy, aka Snowman, starts Maddaddam nude, injured and feverish as he bursts into the clearing where Painballers are holding Amanda hostage.He and Ren provide enough of a distraction for Toby to free Amanda and capture the Painballers. Jimmy's foot injury has given him a fever which leaves him mumbling and scabby. Ren, who Jimmy has a history with, wraps him in the top-to-toe cover up that Toby had been wearing so that he is no longer naked.
When the Crakers enter the clearing they see Jimmy and go to him to help him. The Crakers call Jimmy 'Snowman' and are confused when Ren and Toby call him Jimmy, which is when his name becomes 'Snowman-the-Jimmy'. They see Snowman-the-Jimmy as a hero because he lead them back to their biological birth place after the waterless flood to keep them safe. When they find out the Snowman-the-Jimmy is injured, the Craker women want to purr for him to make him better.
After the Crakers release the Painballers, Snowman-the-Jimmy is left lying on the ground by the coals, muttering feverishly. The Crakers want to put Snowman back into his tree but Toby convinces them to help her take him back to the compound where she can treat him with medicine. The male Crakers carry Snowman-the-Jimmy back to the compound with Toby, Amanda and Ren.
Snowman is moved into Croze's sleeping cubicle so that Toby can treat him. She gives him a sponge bath, applies honey to superficial cuts and mushroom elixir for the infection. Toby gave Snowman a dose of Poppy and Willow to relieve pain and give him restful sleep, and applies small grey maggots to his foot wound to nibble off the infected flesh.
The Crakers want to stay close to Jimmy, however he falls in and out of consciousness for most of the rest of the novel, until Piglet.