Jimmy's mother, Sharon's, most prominent scenes are when she lives with Jimmy and his father at the OrganInc Farm. She tends to experience heavy moodswings, which "didn't last long", always be smoking or drinking coffee and generally disagrees with the way that things are run within the compound.

Due to her disagreement with the regime that is run by the CorpSeCorps and the farm, she decides to flee the compound by pretending that she has a dentist appointment to treat root canal.

Her disinterest in Jimmy results in his desperate need for a reaction from her, and "he wanted her to try her best with him", not give up on her, which he attempts to do by winding her up. Similarly, she argues with Jimmy's father profusely, and often puts Jimmy in the middle of it. When asked "How's Sharon doing?" by a colleague, he would answer "not so hot [...] it's a problem. I'm getting worried", and there is a constant concern for her character as it is clear she used to be "friendly then, too. She was like a real mother and he was like a real child" and there is frequent reference to past tense to describe her character, suggesting that she will never be the same again.

The relationship between Jimmy and his mother is very tense and fake, as when she (occasionally) makes an effort and cooks him lunch, he feels pressured to say "Oh Boy, my favourite!" whilst "rolling his eyes, rubbing his stomach in a caricature of hunger, overdoing it". Jimmy's mother wasn't always around as much as she is in his memory, he used to have a nanny Delores who he has fond memories of, but she left when his mother spent more time at home.