Jimmy's father remains nameless throughout the novel. He works as a genographer for OrganInc at the beginning where he is heavily involved in the creation of the splice named 'Pigoons' until he is given a promotion to the company Nooskins and uproots his family to move to the HelthWyzer compound.

Jimmy's father seems uninhibited by the moral ambiguity of genetic engineering, taking a very pragmatic viewpoint which is antagonistic to that of Jimmy's Mother. After her disappearance, Jimmy's father is eventually granted a divorce and strikes up a relationship with his lab technician from OrganInc, Ramona. The couple are described as acting like sex-crazed teenagers which disgusts Jimmy.

Jimmy's father struggles to communicate with his son as he doesn't seem to comprehend a child's inability to understand an ironic sense of humour. Furthermore, their relationship is strained due to the fact that he regularly forgets Jimmy's birthday and the annual belated reception of an e-card of 'OrganInc standard design with five winged pigoons doing a conga line' only makes Jimmy feel more patronized and hurt. After Jimmy moves away to Martha Graham Academy this is almost the only contact they have with each other.