'Intestinal Parasites - a nasty gucklunch the biogeeks thought was hilarious. The parasites were truly ugly [...] you had to nuck them with toxic pills' (pg. 242) before they could reproduce. Zeb is unsure as to whether these are real or part of a bioweaponry project.

He plays this game in order to build gaming into his cover story of Seth, his alias at HelthWyzer. This is important so checking the Extinctathon chatroom isn't suspicious.

Zeb also played this game to 'see how easy it was to fool around during work hours without being reprimanded [...] and also how easy it was to cheat.' (pg 241)

Zeb plays this game too much, resulting in nightmares, 'Which didn't stop him from creating an alias of the game, then reworking one of the hideous mouths so that it functioned as a gateway. He stashed his code in a triple-locked thumbdrive for safe keeping, then parked it at the back of his supervisor's desk draw in a nest of rubber bands, used nosewipes, and orphaned cough drops. No one would ever look there.' (pg 243)

This game has been brought into the real world by Integral Software Collective. 'It's up to you to use a hacked version of the Intestinal Parasites game [...] to steal HelthWyzer's nasty, top secret bioweapon gene experiment and deliver it to the Maddaddam underground laboratory across the country.'