HelthWyzer is a corporate biotech company. Jimmy's father is headhunted by HelthWyzer subsidiary NooSkins and moves from OrganInc Farms to the HelthWyzer Compound. It is at the compound that Jimmy meets Crake, as they both attend HelthWyzer High. The HelthWyzer Compound is not only newer and bigger than OrganInc Farms but also has much stricter CorpSeCorps security guards.

'Jimmy's mother called it "this barn." She complained about the tight security at the HelthWyzer gates – the guards were ruder, they were suspicious of everyone, they liked to strip search people, women especially. They got a kick out of it, she said.' [1]

When Jimmy visits Crake at the Watson-Crick Institute, he reveals to Jimmy that his father was killed after discovering HelthWyzer created diseases for profit. HelthWyzer put hostile bioforms into their vitamin pills, to which they had already developed the cure. Consequently those from the Pleeblands would contract diseases and be forced to buy the antidote to survive.
'"The best diseases, from a business point of view,” said Crake “Would be those that cause lingering illness. Ideally – that is, for maximum profit – the patient should either get well or die just before all of his or her money runs out. It’s a fine calculation."’ [2]

Unfortunately, Toby's mother was was used as a guinea pig for trialling their vitamin pills with her illness. Toby found out via Pilar, who provided a logical explanation as to why she never recovered from her 'mysterious illness'.

'"Tell me," said Pilar. "What supplements was she taking?"
"She ran a HelthWyzer franchise, so she took those."
"HelthWyzer," said Pilar. "Yes. We've heard of this before."
"Heard of what?" said Toby.
"This kind of illness, coupled with those supplements. No wonder HelthWyzer wanted to treat your mother themselves."
"What do you mean?" said Toby. She felt chilly, even thought the morning sun was hot.
"Did it ever occur to you, my dear," said Pilar, "that your mother may have been a guinea pig?"
It hadn't occurred to Toby, but it occurred to her now.' [3]

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