"Don't Drink Death!"

Developed by HethWyzer the Happicuppa bean is a genetically modified coffee bean. It appears half way through the novel in a chapter of the same name. The chapter begins by introducing the context of the happicuppa bean:

'Until then the individual coffee beans on each bush had ripened at different times and had needed to be hand picked and processed and shipped in small quantities, but the happicuppa coffee bush was designed so that all of its beans would ripen simultaneously, and coffee could be grown on huge plantations and harvested with machines.This threw the small growers out of business and reduced both them and their labourers to starvation-level poverty.'

It goes on the explain the consequences of this new development in coffee production which resulted in a full scale war. The gen-mod coffee wars are described as a 'global resistance movement' during which there were a number of riots and protests.

'A Happicup is a Crappi Cup'

Happicuppa coffee is reminiscent of modern day multinational coffee companies and could be seen as a comment on western capitalism.

'There hadn't been anything like it since the first decade of the century. Crake said it was History in the making'.