As a title character, Crake is one of the three protagonists of the novel and the childhood friend of Jimmy. He graduates from the prestigious Watson-Crick Institute and becomes a Biochemist involved in multiple projects based around genetic modification. He becomes obsessed with creating what he sees as the perfect human race. This obsession leads to the creation of the Crakers.

'The Crake they're praising is his fabrication, fabrication not unmixed with spite: Crake was against the notion of God, or of gods of any kind, and would surely be disgusted by the spectacle of his own gradual deification.'

Jimmy/Snowman's relationship with Crake stems from childhood. They both have a shared sexual interest in Oryx, although Crake's relationship with her is one in which he pays her as his prostitute and remains unaware of Jimmy's relationship with her.

As creator of the Crakers, Crake is instantly idolised as a God alongside Oryx who becomes Mother of the Animals. This simulates God and Mother Nature in the real world which suggests the Crakers have the potential to develop religion and therefore opinions and beliefs. After his death, Snowman perpetrates the myth that:

'Crake was never born … He came down out of the sky, like thunder.'

Crake develops a virus which wipes out the human race, unbeknown to Snowman, Crake immunises him with the intention that he will look after the Crakers.
'So Crake never remembered his dreams. It's Snowman that remembers them instead. Worse than remembers: he's immersed in them, he'd wade through them, he's stuck in them. Every moment he' lived in the past few months was dreamt first by Crake. No wonder Crake screamed so much.'

'Crake was his best friend. Revision: his only friend.'

Crake kills Oryx - '"I'm counting on you," he said. Then he slit her throat. Jimmy shot him.'