Crake's mother plays a small but significant role in the novel. She is an inattentive mother, which Crake justifies as a belief in '"in respecting a child's privacy," said Crake, straight-faced' p.101 She forms the basis for a psychoanalytical reading of Crake. She is a diagnostician at the hospital complex. She is described as 'an intense, square-jawed, dark-haired woman with not much of a chest.' p.101

Crake's mother is married to Uncle Pete who works at HelthWyzer, a top-secret agribusiness and biotech company. Uncle Pete is her second husband who she married when Crake was 12.

Crake's mother dies a month before his graduation. It is ambiguous how she caught her disease but she 'picked up a hot bioform that had chewed through her like a solar mower.' p.207 She dies in isolation, Crake has a very distant view of her death, he is there for her last words but does not pay attention but is rather more concerned with the scientific observations of her death rather than savouring an emotional connection.