The CorpSeCorps (or Corpsmen or Corps) act as a mysterious government force that run a ruthless operation regarding the surveillance of the compound where Jimmy lived as a child with his parents. Despite having a subconscious presence as they appear intermittently throughout the novel, they are undoubtedly have a strong, undeniable control over the characters within the novel.

The CorpSeCorps protect the compound where Jimmy and his parents live whilst his father worked at OrganInc Farms from viruses and unwanted individuals from "the other side". After the disappearance of his mother, Sharon, (along with his pet rakunk named Killer), the CorpSeCorps are constantly questioning Jimmy as to her whereabouts as she demonstrated anti-government views.

Perhaps their most memorable appearance within the novel is when they show Jimmy a video of his mother being executed after saying the words "Goodbye. Remember Killer. I love you. Don't let me down". To keep up his pretence, Jimmy acts as if he doesn't recognise the person on the video, but then wonders if the whole thing was a fake, and "maybe his mother was still alive", and if so, "what had he given away?".