BlyssPluss is a pill which Crake creates in the RejoovenEsense Compound, where he also creates the Crakers. The pill is the first stage in his two-part plan to encourage his Paradice Project.

At first, Crake sells the pill by utilising Jimmy's marketing background: Crake initially informs Jimmy that the pill will give the user 'immortality' by eliminating 'the external causes of death' (O&C 345). Both Jimmy and Oryx sell the pill, but Oryx does so by contacting people she knows through the sex trade and clinical industries. The aim, Crake states, was to produce a pill that would:

'a) protect the user against all known sexually transmitted diseases, fatal, inconvenient, or merely unsightly;
b) provide an unlimited supply of libido and sexual prowess, coupled with a generalized sense of energy and well-being, thus reducing the frustration and blocked testosterone that lead to jealousy and violence, and eliminating feelings of low self-worth; 'Hassle-free sex, total satisfaction, blow you right out of your skin, plus 100 percent protection.' (TYOTF 155)
c) 'prolong youth.' (O&C 346)
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But as Jimmy scathingly observes, Crake's suggestion is that he will sterilise people without them knowing, which Crake says will prevent the growth of a population which can no longer sustain itself.

However, this is not what the pill actually does. It transpires at the end of Atwood's novel that the BlyssPluss pill is designed to kill off the users, something which Jimmy eventually discovers, but does not know when he first encounters it. Jimmy writes in his 'last ever' (O&C 403) letter of what he believes Crake's motives to be in creating this euthanasia-type drug: that the pill was encysted with a virus (Jetspeed Ultra Virus Extraordinary) designed by Crake, which had a 'time-lapse factor built in to allow for a wide distribution' (O&C 404), such that the first batch did not become active until 'all selected territories had been seeded' (O&C 404).

The virus spreads quickly, starting in Brazil, then appearing in Taiwan, Bangkok, Saudi Arabia and continues to spread like wildfire, but more sporadically, across the world (O&C 379).

The effects of the virus were fatal:
'The symptoms were high fever, bleeding from the eyes and skin, convulsions, then breakdown of the inner organs, followed by death. The time from visible onset to final moment was amazingly short. The bug appeared to be airborne, but there might be a water factor as well.' (O&C 380)

The Crakers are immune to this virus, and luckily Jimmy had the antibody to the virus which took the form of the pleeb vaccine which he shot himself up with on his various trips to the Pleeblands (O&C 384). This is the reason why he does not contract and in turn die from the virus, which ultimately kills off nearly all of the human population.

In The Year of The Flood, the God's Gardeners were not permitted to take the BlyssPluss pill. 'They were the ones who'd done the heavy lifting on the BlyssPluss pill too, but they weren't allowed to take it themselves. Not that they were tempted: it gave you the best sex ever, but it had serious side effects, such as death.' (TYOTF 474)