Blanco is the manager of SecretBurgers, a burger joint which patties come from unknown sources. Not a good man Blanco often repeatedly rapes his staff members. He likes to pick out the pretty girls and use them as his personal sex slave. He is also known for his violence and ensuring that no one ever escapes him. "He demanded her services during he lunch break - the whole half hour - which meant she got no lunch." The relationship between himself and Toby is something that mainly consists of these attacks as he threatens her job if she doesn't comply.

Found on the floor of the AnooYoo gatehouse Blanco is covered by a "gruesome" blanket, at first we are unsure if he is dying of the plague as there is no blood coming from a single orifice on his body. He has a wounded left thigh which Toby offers to help with but Blanco still has no remorse and no redemption from his former actions. He refuses help cursing at her for some water. Toby eventually gives his water but is poisoned with mushrooms.