“If it hurts and you feel sick and it’s making you ugly, take this, from HelthWyzer; if you’re ugly and it hurts and you feel sick about it, take that, from AnooYoo.” dick
- Zeb


AnooYoo is a beauty-and-mood enhancing Corp, associated dubiously with HelthWyzer. They create and distribute products to create beauty and defy ageing. They are an anti-environmentalist company whose clientele value artificial beauty and health over organic health. Their logo is a face with a winking eye and "kissy lips"[1].

The AnooYoo spa becomes a central location in The Year of the Flood, as it is where Toby hides whilst waiting for other survivors.


Oryx and Crake

Jimmy works at AnooYoo, creating ad campaigns, once he graduates from high school.

Year of the Flood

Toby hides herself away in the AnooYoo spa to watch and wait for other survivors.


In the chapter entitled Breakfast, Toby refers to AnooYoo attire as "pink top-to-toe".

"The cover story for his Seth persona was that he was making a service call at a local branch of a beauty-and-mood-enhancing Corp called AnooYoo, which was a dubious affiliate of HelthWyzer. Health and Beauty, the two seductive twins jointed at the navel, singing their eternal siren songs. A lot of people would pay through their nose jobs for either one."


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