At the end of the second book Amanda was kidnapped by the Painballers, before her friends rescued her. Amanda was raped and tortured by the Painballers and was almost dead by the time they arrived. As they were attempting to rescue Amanda, Snowman appeared, feverish and hallucinating, almost shooting everyone in sight.

The third book begins as the group - Ren, Toby, Amanda, Snowman and the Crakers - travel to Cobb House in order to escape the Painballers and treat Snowman's, now Snowman-the-Jimmy, injuries. On the journey the group realises that the Crakers will mate with any human woman who is available, this posses a problem as Amanda has just been attacked and raped by a group of men and she is afraid of the male Crakers.

To counter Amanda's fear, the female Crakers look after her and purr on her to make her better. This continues even once they reach Cobb House.

At the house Amanda goes into the Fallow state, which is the Gardner's term for any condition ranging from depression to post-traumatic stress. Eventually she starts to recuperate and begins to help out with chores, but having once been a tough pleebrat, she is now a timid and weak girl who needs the protection of others.

Although she is beginning to get better, others are starting to resent her for not pulling her weight, however, other people think that Amanda deserves time to recuperate. Amanda starts to become more normalised once Snowman-the-Jimmy awakens, offering to help him and make sure that he is comfortable.

Lotis Blue and Ren talk to Toby because they're worried about Amanda and they tell Toby that Amanda is pregnant. The two believe it could be a child of the Painballers, or of a Craker. Because of this Amanda wishes that she is dead and thinks about getting an abortion, but if the baby is a Craker baby then it cannot be aborted.

The rest of the crew are worried that if it is a Craker baby that Amanda may not survive the pregnancy due to different growth rates and genetics.