A wiki (
__i____/ˈwɪki/__wik-ee) is a __website__ which allows __collaborative__ modification of its content and structure directly from the __web browser__.

More specifically:

Source: __

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The most popular use of a wiki on the public web is __Wikipedia__, where wiki software has been used to create a free, online encyclopaedia containing over 4.6 million articles - the Internet's largest and most popular general __reference work__.

Anyone who can access to the site can edit, use, copy, distribute and adapt almost any of its articles under the__Creative Commons license__.

How can I use wikis in my work?
Wikis can take other forms as we
ll and are are a cost-free way of creating basic web pages for:

  • simple websites
  • collaborative writing
  • project management
  • events
  • noticeboards
  • forums

Wikis allow users to:

  • create basic web pages
  • add text and media files
  • add users and set permissions/privacy
  • make announcements to users
  • schedule tasks and events
  • create discussion and commentary
  • view document revisions

You can use Wikis as an alternative to Wordpress or other website creation software for your own projects.

What Wiki tools are available?
There are literally hundreds of other wiki services available on the web including: